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In Ontario and Alberta, Frontier One Inc. (F1 Fingerprint) is a leading RCMP-accredited fingerprint agency that serves thousands of people with fingerprinting inquiries. As well as serving domestic applicants in person at our offices, we have also served many customers for International Fingerprinting Services.

International Fingerprinting Service is the service for applicants who are residing outside of Canada but wish to obtain a Canadian Criminal Record Check (CCRC). This check is required for various applications if an applicant used to live in Canada for more than 6 months. Employment/Travel/Immigration to Canada and other countries are among the top reasons that people are looking for the CCRC while living abroad.

With our RCMP-certified system, we can digitize and submit fingerprints to the RCMP on our customers' behalf, allowing customers to save time and get results as fast as possible.

Need a RCMP Criminal record check outside of Canada?

Watch the video above for more information


1. CLICK HERE to complete the fingerprint request form.

2. Check email to download and follow the instructions to fill out all other requested forms. Then, have your fingerprints taken at any authorized fingerprinting agencies or police stations in your country of residence.
***Refer to the provided samples and consider having several fingerprint sets to get the best chance of acceptance.

3. Email us at In the email, please attach all the completed required documents including scanned fingerprints cards.
***Please scan them at the highest possible quality to email to us.

4. We will reply to your email within 48 business hours to provide a preliminary review documents to ensure the quality and completeness BEFORE you start mailing them to us.

5. Send all documents via registered mail (not Email) or preferably by courier (FedEx, UPS, DHL...) to our International Department:


Frontier One Inc.
1750 Steeles Ave. West, Unit 200,
Vaughan, ON L4K 2L7 - CANADA

***Only send your documents to us after we confirm that your documents are good to send.

6. Once the documents are received and payment* has been made, we will digitize your fingerprints and submit them electronically to the RCMP within one business day.

7. The RCMP will process your application and mail the Certified Criminal Record Check to the address of your choice** via Canada Post regular mail.

*We will send you an invoice once we are ready to process your fingerprints. 
You can make the payment by credit card via the online payment platform integrated in the invoice. Alternatively, you can ask a friend or family member to make the payment in person at any of our offices during business.
**The RCMP only mails to Canada or US addresses. Frontier One can receive the result and mail it to your address outside Canada with an additional mailing fee (depending on the courier fee)


Click here to see price list.


Option 1: The RCMP Police Clearance Certificate will be mailed to any Canadian or American address of your choice or any designated third party.

Option 2: We will receive your certificate and mail it to your residential address for an additional fee.

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PCC Sample (if no record).jpg
PCC Sample (if ANY record)_Page_1.jpg
PCC Sample (if ANY record)_Page_2.jpg


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