Digital Fingerprints Questions

1)What kind of applications accept digital fingerprints?

Digital fingerprinting is capturing a person's fingerprints digitally via an optical scanner. The scanned fingerprints will then be sent via secure link along with the application details directly to RCMP  Canadian Criminal Real Time Information System (CCRTIS) .


The CCRTIS will compare that fingerprints with the RCMP criminal record database and issue a certificate indicating whether applicant has criminal records or not.

2) What is the difference between digital fingerprinting and ink-and-roll method?

Digital fingerprinting is the process of capturing your fingerprints through a certified optical scanner which leaves no ink residues on your fingers. This is a preferred method by most requesting authorities (Immigration, Employment...etc) as the process is quick, convenient and highly accurate.

However, some applications do require a traditional ink-and-roll method in which your fingerprints are captured using actual ink. Due to the rarity of the ink-and-roll method, Frontier One Inc. does not provide this service.


3) I have taken digital fingerprint recently. How long will RCMP process my digital fingerprint?

- If there is no match, the RCMP will issue a clearance certificate within 72 business hours.

- If there is a possible match, the processing time could take up to 120 days.

**Please allow mailing time of 5-7 business days as original RCMP clearance certificate are sent via regular mail only.

4) I have taken digital fingerprint recently. How can I know the status of my submission?

The applicant must contact the RCMP Civil Fingerprint Screening Services via email to find out the status of their submissions. RCMP no longer answers inquiries regarding non-criminal background check.

You can contact the RCMP via email at:

Please provide:

+Your full name & date of birth

+Date your application was submitted

+Reason for the criminal record check

+A phone number where you can be reached.

+The document control number (DCN)

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks before contacting the RCMP about your status.