General Questions

General Questions

1) Why do I need to provide fingerprints?

Fingerprinting is a process to confirm an individual's criminal background check. Your fingerprints are verified by the RCMP against the National criminal record database to confirm whether or not you have a record. Fingerprinting is required for many purposes:

  • Employment Applicants ( Federal, Provincial, Municipal or Private Organizations)
  • Applicants for Foreign Travel, Passports, Work Permits, Visas and US Waivers
  • Canadian Citizenship & Permanent Resident Applicants
  • US Immigration / US Visas (FBI Fingerprinting Card)
  • International Adoption Applicants
  • Security License Applicants
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​2) Do I have to book appointment?

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we have switched to Appointment-only model until further notice. Please book an appointment before visiting us. In order to respect physical distancing guidelines, please be on time for your appointment. We want to take the time to ensure the highest possible quality of fingerprints taken before sending to the RCMP/FBI/ Foreign Police to reduce the risk of being rejected due to low print quality. Please check our office Business Hours here.

3) I'm only free during my lunch break. How long does it take to take my fingerprint digitally?

If there is no one ahead of you, the entire process usually takes 20 minutes or less. Although, it depends on the quality of your fingerprints.

4) What documents do I need to bring?

Please bring 2 valid government-issued identifications with you. One must be a photo ID (Click here to view the list of acceptable IDs).

Please also bring any request letter from immigration, your employer or the requesting authority to ensure the correct the request being sent to the RCMP.

5) How can I get results back?

The results will be sent directly to the applicant's address or third parties if the applicant gives consent at the time of taking fingerprint by regular mail of Canada Post only. However, if the applicant is under the age of 18, the result must be sent directly to the applicant's address.

6) Is it possible to get a copy of the application?

Yes, applicant can receive an extra copy for RCMP C216C or FBI FD258 Fingerprint Forms. However, additional charge will be applied.

For fingerprints submitted directly to the RCMP online, we can only provide a submission confirmation and official receipt. No fingerprints can be provided as they have been sent to the RCMP and we DO NOT keep any fingerprints in our system after submission

7) What payment method is accepted?

We accept debit, e-transfer and cash.

For international clients, we will send an invoice through our accounting system which includes an online payment service to make payment through credit card.

8) Do you provide any discount?

Each process is considered a separate application by the RCMP and a fee is charged whether from the same individual or not.

We do provide ONE complimentary re-take in the extremely rare circumstances where your fingerprints were rejected due to low quality. However, you are required to pay the RCMP processing fee of $25 again if your application type had that fee. If your fingerprints were rejected, we will notify you within 48 business hours and discuss your options.

9) Is Frontier One Inc. a government agency?

NO. We are a private company accredited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to CAPTURE and SUBMIT your fingerprints to them for civil purposes.​

Click here to see our accreditation letter in Brampton.

Click here to see our accreditation letter in Kitchener.

Click here to see our accreditation letter in Mississauga.​

We DO NOT process fingerprints or have access to the Canadian criminal record database.

10) I’ve seen other agencies stating that I can get an RCMP criminal check within hours or a few days. Is this true?

There are generally 2 types of background check that one can complete: Name-based background check and fingerprint-based background check.

  • Name-based Background Check: This check is conducted by some agencies and local police. It is done solely based on your name and date of birth and the result could be much faster. However, due to the high risk of possible match with other individuals with criminal records, many requesting authorities including Immigration Canada DOES NOT accept this type of criminal record check.

  • Fingerprint-based Background Check: This check is conducted by any agencies accredited by the RCMP. It is done by capturing your fingerprints and submitting them to the RCMP for processing. Your unique fingerprints, along with your name and date of birth are checked against the National Criminal Repository Database. The RCMP will issue an official certificate indicating whether or not a criminal record was found. The normal processing time is 3 business days (120 days if you ever had a criminal record) and the certificate will be mailed to your chosen address by regular mail. Regardless of which agency that you went to for your fingerprints, there is no exception to the process.

Although both types of check can serve the same purpose, the fingerprint-based process is more stringent and widely accepted by most authorities. Please be sure to check with the authority or organization who request the background check before proceeding.

11) What is the difference between the Background Check and Biometrics Collection? Why are you not providing Biometric collection service?

Biometrics is the process of taking your fingerprints at the time of your Immigration application and storing the fingerprints at RCMP’s database for future identification verification purposes.

For example: if the border officer has any doubt about identity of the person entering Canada at a port of entry (airport...),they could take the fingerprints and compare to the one they have on file at the time of the application to ensure it is the same person.

This can only be done by a Government of Canada’s representative (i.e. Service Canada). No private agency is permitted to perform this service.

RCMP criminal background check is the process where your fingerprints are taken and sent to the RCMP systems for conducting criminal background check. Once the process is complete, your fingerprints are destroyed immediately.

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