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digital fingerprinting

Digital fingerprinting is the process of capturing fingerprints digitally using the Live-Scan scanning system and submitting fingerprints to the RCMP to obtain the Canadian Criminal Record Check.

There are many reasons why you need fingerprinting services:


We are one of RCMP Accredited fingerprinting companies, we use cutting-edge LiveScan digital fingerprinting technology that allows us to submit fingerprints electronically to the RCMP's Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) for searches of the National Repository of Criminal Records.


The process of getting your RCMP Fingerprint-based Criminal Record Check is very simple

  1. We will capture your fingerprints digitally and submit them directly to RCMP's Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS)

  2. RCMP will process your application and issue a hard copy of your RCMP Fingerprint-based Criminal Record Check

  3. RCMP will mail it back to your home address or to a third party by Canada Post (regular mail)

The processing time:

  1. If there is NO match to a criminal record
    The RCMP processing time is estimated about 3 business days, plus delivery time. Total is to be around 2-4 weeks depends on RCMP and Canada Post.

  2. If manual processing is involved and/or if there is a MATCH to a criminal record. 
    The RCMP processing time is estimated up to 120 business days, plus delivery time.

    Please note: We are not involved in the process of issuing or delivering your RCMP Fingerprint-based Criminal Record Check.

What to bring

  • 2 valid pieces of IDs. Please click here to see the list of Acceptable Identifications.


  • Any request letter/ email/ instructions from the requesting organization regarding your RCMP background check.

Driver license

Driver licence.jpg




Click here to see price list in Ontario and Alberta


  • It is important to have to correct reason for your fingerprinting request as it will be shown on the RCMP certificate.

  • Depending on your fingerprinting reason, the RCMP will mail you a certificate similar to these samples below:

* Please note that regardless of where you go to take your fingerprints in Canada, the RCMP certificate is processed and mailed by the RCMP in Ottawa. It is NOT possible to expedite the process.

PCC Sample - Privacy act request.jpg
PCC Sample (if no record).jpg
PCC Sample (if ANY record)_Page_1.jpg
PCC Sample (if ANY record)_Page_2.jpg

Haven't got the results from the RCMP?

Pastel Email Marketing Campaign Engagement Tips Infographic (1).jpg

Please contact the RCMP after 3 weeks for your application status

+ Your full name & date of birth 
+ The date your application was submitted 
+ The reason for your criminal record check
+ A phone number where you can be reached
+ Your Document Control Number (DCN)

***The DCN can be found near the top right corner of the confirmation report that was provided to you on the date of fingerprinting.

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