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The Applicant must provide two pieces of valid government-issued identification.

The primary identification that may be accepted includes:

  • Driver's License (issued by Canadian Province or Territory)

  • Foreign Driver's License

  • Canadian Passport

  • Foreign Passport

  • Canadian Citizenship Card

  • Canadian Permanent Resident Card

  • Certification of Indian Status

  • Student Identity Card from foreign Institute

  • Firearms Possession Certificate

  • Firearms Acquisition Certificate

  • Record of Landing

  • Canadian National Institute of the Blind Identification Card

  • Federal / Provincial / Municipal Identification Card

  • Military Family Identification Card

  • Work or Study Permit issued to a Foreign National

The Secondary Identification that may be accepted includes:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Baptismal Certificate

  • Hunting License

  • Fishing License

  • Marriage License

  • Hospital Card

  • Immigration Papers

  • Union Membership Card

  • Private Industry Employee Identification Cards



As per RCMP requirements:

  • SIN Card, Health Card and Credit Card are NOT acceptable.

  • ONLY original IDs or certified copies (as secondary ID only) are accepted. One of the two IDs has to have the applicant’s photo and signature on it.

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