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What is ink & roll

  • Ink & roll is the traditional way of capturing fingerprints for the purpose of applying for a criminal record search or a police certificate.

  • In Canada, ink & roll has been replaced by digital or electronic fingerprinting.

  • However, some foreign countries are still required fingerprints to be captured by actual ink in order to obtain their criminal background checks.


Ink fingerprinting is a traditional method of collecting fingerprints. Ink Fingerprint can be provided on any card you need.

Today, ink fingerprinting is still required for some reasons. For examples, when you are applying for nursing/professional license in some States that you do not reside in or Foreign countries that require fingerprinting for police checks don't accept the Canadian Standard Fingerprinting Card (C216C), ink fingerprinting might be required

Frontier One only uses high-quality ink pads and well-trained fingerprinting technicians to avoid over-inking and smudging in fingerprinting.


  1. The impressions will be taken both flat and rolled on all 10 fingers.

  2. The fingerprint technician will stamp and sign the card according to your instructions. You will also be required to sign on the card in front of the technician.

  3. We will repeat those steps if you need more than one card.

  4. After your appointment, we will stamp and seal the card, if required. We could also provide a letter of authentication confirming fingerprinting was taken by an accredited agency. Please ask the technician if you require this letter.

  5. Follow the instructions and apply for the criminal background check with the foreign countries.

What to bring

  • 2 valid pieces of IDs. Click here to see the list of Acceptable Identifications.

  • Fingerprint Card/ Cards (our offices only carry FBI [FD-258] cards and Standard Canadian card [C216C])

  • Passport picture if the Fingerprinting Card is required to have one (please glue the picture on the card before coming)

Driver license

Driver licence.jpg




Click here to see price list in Ontario and Alberta


Below is a sample image of the Philippines ink fingerprint card

Philippines INK fingerprint card

Philippine (Watermark).png

Not sure if your country requires ink or

a digital dingerprint card?

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