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1. First Contact

2. Sending Instructions​

  • Reply customer's email with the Request Form's link (follow the sample email)

3. Preparation​

  • Customers will need to fill out Request Form.

  • They will receive an automatic email with attached documents and instructions after filling Request Form.

  • Customers need to have their fingerprints taken at their country of residence and all required documents ready.

  • To ensure that the fingerprint quality will be acceptable by the RCMP, and all required documents are good, ask customers to email scanned copies of all documents to perform a quality check.

  • Notify customers if everything looks good, so they can mail all documents to us.

  • Once receiving their documents, open a new file folder, note down name, email address and reason for the application

4. Process​

​4.1. Create a new application 

  • Fill in ONLY the required information (marked as yellow boxes on SIS)

  • Import the photo to SIS

  • Save the confirmation to the “Oversea Application Confirmation” folder under 2. Fingerprinting and ID in the format “To Be Confirmed_Lastname, Firstname”


​4.2. Send a confirmation email to the applicant

(This is for the applicat to double check for any mistake before digitizing the fingerprints)

  • Use template email in SENT box of international email

  • Attach the saved confirmation document (from previous step)

4.3. Send an invoice for payment​

  • Using Quickbook to create a new invoice for the applicant

  • Choose the appropriate item and price

  • Make sure to include the applicant’s email address

  • Click save and send

  • Make sure to send the invoice at the same time with the confirmation email.

4.4. ​Process the application (after payment and confirmation document has been received)

i.   Load the fingerprint card to the scanner

ii.  Open Cardscan application from program tab (in SIS)

iii. Click scan

iv. Once done, align the boxes to the appropriate fingerprint

v.  Click Save and close CardScan

vi. Click Save and close CardScan

vii. Open LSMS and load the application

viii. Choose “Cardscan V550 Ten Print”

ix. Go to tab #2 Fingerprints, click Import

x. Once done, click Lock and close LSMS

xi. Import the application to SIS

xii. If result is returned to a 3rd party, SIS will ask for consent print

1. Load consent card

2. Load consent card

3. Click Scan

4. Align the boxes with the fingerprint

5. Click Save and close Cardscan

6. Continue to complete Import process

7. Explain to the RCMP using Code “99-Other” and “Cardscan & Skin Conditions” keyword for poor fingerprints

xiii. Submit the application to the RCMP (like domestic application)

xiii. Afterwards, click Result and save the document as PDF in the format “Completion Comfirmation_Lastname, Firstname” in the “Oversea Application Confirmation” under #2. Fingerprinting & ID

4.5 Send a completion confirmation email to the applicant

  • Use the template in the SENT box

  • Attach the confirmation from previous step

         4.6 Mail the RCMP Police Clearance Certificate to customers (if they pay extra fee for the mailing service)

  • Upon receipt of a PCC, ask an applicant if they want the get a scanned copy first​

  • Create a Canada Post prepaid label (if they want to send by Canada Post's registered mail)

  • Otherwise, call the requested post office to confirm the mailing fee to charge the applicant

  • Put the PCC in an envelope with From and To labels, then go to the requested post office to mail out

*** For each step, make sure to update the International Application Tracking file accordingly to keep track.