International Services

If you lived in Canada for more than 6 months the past, you may be requested to provide a RCMP Criminal Background Check. This request could prove difficult if you are not presently living in Canada.

As Fingerprinting Agency accredited by RCMP, Frontier One Inc. is capable to provide these services to international clients:

  • Convert Ink & Roll fingerprints and Live Scan Digital fingerprints taken on paper format in your current country of residence to encrypted digital format.

  • Send the encrypted digital fingerprints to the RCMP on your behalf to obtain the RCMP Criminal Background Check certificate (a.k.a Canadian Police Check, Criminal Records Check..etc)

  • Request the RCMP to mail it to a Canadian address of your choice (e.g: a lawyer, a trusted friend, or family)

  • Alternatively, we can receive the official certificate from RCMP at our office and mail/courier it to the foreign address of your choice (extra mailing fee applies).

To help our international clients to understand our services easier, please read how we provide our services showing below

​How Our Services Work

1. Email us at or call us at (905) 703-6810 about your fingerprinting needs ( Please also provide a bit of your background information such as reason for requesting the RCMP Criminal Background Check, your current country of residence)

2. We will answer your email as well as providing guidelines and forms within 48-72 business hours.

3. Follow instructions in guidelines, fill out our forms and get fingerprints taken by local police or a local fingerprint agency in your country.

4. You could also scan the fingerprint card that was taken and email it to us BEFORE mailing so that we can do a preliminary review to see whether the quality of fingerprints were acceptable. Please scan it at high quality if possible and

check the samples below to understand why some fingerprint cards are acceptable or unacceptable.

Why Choose Us?

  • We keep you informed at every step.

  • We provide full package including guidelines, checklist, card scan application, fingerprint form, and third-party consent form.

  • We transmit fingerprints to RCMP within one business day.

  • We offer free re-submissions to RCMP in case fingerprints are not clear.

  • We check and reply to you within 48-72 business hours..

  • We email you your fingerprints for review before sending to RCMP (Optional).

  • We can speed up process by receiving Certified Criminal Record Check from RCMP then send it directly to the address you chose via courier with an addition cost (Optional).

5. Send the completed forms and original fingerprint card via registered mail (not Email) or preferably by courier (FedEx, UPS, DHL...) to our office in Mississauga at :
     Frontier One Inc.
     100 Matheson Blvd East,Unit 204,
     Mississauga, ON L4Z 2G7 - CANADA


6. Once the documents are received and payment* has been made, we will digitize fingerprints and send them to RCMP online within one business day (If all required documents are received and in good quality)

7. RCMP will process your application. If the application is approved, RCMP will send Certified Criminal Record Check to the address you chose via Canada Post regular mail.

*We will send you an invoice once we are ready to process your fingerprints. You can make the payment by credit cards via the online payment platform located in the invoice. Alternatively, you can ask a friend or family member to make the payment in person at any of our offices during business hours.

Unacceptable Fingerprint Sample (Waterma
Acceptable Fingerprint Sample (Watermark

Acceptable Fingerprints Sample

Unacceptable Fingerprints Sample