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A. Opening
  • Login to SIS fingerprinting application and have Quickbook, Gmail, Calendar tabs ready on Google Chrome to start serving customers.

  • Make sure to run the Scan file to be able to scan documents to the laptop.

  • Check if the stuck applications from the previous days have gone through or not.

B. Closing
  • Check if any application is stuck in the system: It is good if all applications are in CC (Clearance Complete), except Paper Fingerprint Card (FBI, C-216C) in SF (Sent for Fingerprints).

  • If there is, take note to check them again on a later date to make sure they go through. Otherwise, call Filip (Clearneed) to check it out.

  • Check if all Quickbook receipts of the day have correct information and are in a correct format.

  • Follow and complete the Day-End Checklist file.

  • Scan all applicant’s documents (Fingerprint Request Form, Fingerprint Application Form, Consent Form, Request Letters, etc.) to the suitable fingerprints folder then staple them (applicant by applicant).

  • Save all completed applications of the day to Fingerprint Database folder in Google Drive.

  • Change the name of all scanned files properly, according to the preset format.

  • Put all applicant’s documents together with a prong (after hole punch) and place them into the cabinet.

  • Stamp the date at the bottom of the VLI then scan it to the VLI folder.

  • Change the name of the VLI file properly, according to the preset format.

  • Send emails to IRCC offices to report all Canadian Citizenship submissions of the day, according to the preset format. 

  • Shred applicant’s documents and VLIs which have been stored in the cabinet for more than 6 months. 

  • Backup the computer by running the Backup application.

  • Put all cash of the day to an envelope then write down the date, technician’s name, amount and put in the cash box.

  • Cleaning: chairs, tables, fingerprint scanner, computer, Square machine, etc.

  • Check the Camera/Phone/Square Machine power to recharge if needed. 

  • Check and notify Selena to order new supplies if they are short. 

  • Change the garbage bag and shredder bag whenever they are full. 

  • Vacuum the room whenever it is not clean. 

  • Print more forms (Visitor Login, Fingerprint Request Form, Consent Form, etc.) whenever they are short. 

  • Wash the finger scanner cloth whenever it is dirty. 

  • Be prepared (ahead of time) for Windows updates if there are any