Can I check my criminal record online in Canada?

Yes, of course!

A non-certified criminal record check is name-based and does not require fingerprints submission. Easy and fast, the process takes only a few minutes. This is the most common type of background check and if you wish to do it, you can either go to your regional police website, visit a police station nearby in person, or use a private third party agent.

Unfortunately, name- based checks are not widely accepted in many cases. For example:

· Immigration to Canada or to a foreign country

· Security Clearance for Federal Employment

· Adoption

· Record Suspension (Pardon)

· Visa or Border Crossing

· Etc.

For all reasons above, the applicant will need to do a certified criminal record check that requires fingerprints submission (in person). Beside that, private companies usually conduct or request a name-based background check before hiring new employees, but if the check is inclusive, a fingerprint-based background check is then performed.

As an accredited fingerprint agency by RCMP, Frontier One Inc. is allowed to capture and submit your fingerprints electronically to RCMP's Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS). RCMP will mail your certified criminal record check back to your home address or to a third party after processing your application.

Processing time:

If there is no match to a criminal record:

· RCMP needs 3 business days to process your application, plus mailing time of 2-3 weeks (regular mail by Canada Post).

If there is a possible match to a criminal record/ manual processing is involved:

· RCMP needs 120 business days to process your application + mailing time (regular mail by Canada Post)