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Frontier One Inc. - Calgary

Frontier One Inc. is a Fingerprinting Agency accredited by the RCMP to collect and submit fingerprints for Canadian criminal background checks. FD-258 forms for FBI purposes, along with C-216C forms for sending to foreign police authorities are also provided.

Since 2017, Frontier One Inc. has proudly served in many communities across Ontario with thousands of fingerprints taken each year, including digital conversion of fingerprint cards sent from outside of Canada.

This September 2022, we officially opened our new office in Calgary, Alberta. This is the company's newest and very first office serving Albertans in capturing, sending, and submitting their fingerprints to the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) for criminal background checks.

This office is located in a 2-story building (building 6200) in the Savanna Plaza, 5850 88th Ave NE, Calgary, AB. It is directly across from Northeast Registries. Our office unit is 6230, which is on the second floor of building 6200. There are 5 offices inside unit 6230 and ours is the third one on the right.

As a subsidiary of Frontier One Inc., with 8 offices throughout Ontario, we are confident of providing top-notch fingerprinting services.

Below is the list of typical reasons that people need the fingerprinting services for:

• Adoption (Canada/International)

• Canadian Citizenship

• Employment (Federal Gov / Provincial Govt / Private Industry and others)

• Landed Immigrant Status / Permanent Residency

• Name Change

• Pardon Application

• Privacy Act Request / US Immigration

• Visa/Border Crossing/Foreign Travel/Work/US Waiver

• Volunteer Employment

• Vulnerable Sector Check

Since the Calgary office is located in the Northeast quadrant, where a great deal of immigration occurs, we primarily provide fingerprinting services for immigration applications (Permanent Residency and Canadian Citizenship). Nevertheless, we welcome people from all over Calgary and nearby communities to visit our office to get fingerprinted for any other reason.

We accept walk-in clients as well as appointments, however, appointment bookings are given priority over walk-in clients. You can make an online appointment through our website at or by calling (403)731-3535. To contact us directly via email, please contact

Thank you for your interest in our Calgary office, we look forward to meeting you soon.

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