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How can I get fingerprinted in Canada?

RCMP-Accredited fingerprinting agencies and police stations can provide the fingerprinting service for your background check whether you live in Canada or another country. Frontier One Inc. is proud to be one of the largest RCMP-accredited fingerprinting agencies in Canada offering both Livescan and traditional ink fingerprinting services.

- For the background check in Canada, your fingerprints will be taken and submitted electronically to the RCMP for processing. The RCMP will then mail the Canadian Police Clearance Certificate either to you or any other designated third party.

- For the background check in other countries, fingerprints will be taken either by Livescan and then printed on paper (FD-258/C216-C) or ink. Once fingerprinted, the person will receive a fingerprint card, which he or she will need to send to their country for background checks.

- If you live outside Canada and the RCMP asks you for a Canadian Police Clearance Certificate, you can still obtain it from overseas. In order to do so, you will need to contact any RCMP-Accredited fingerprinting agency, like Frontier One Inc. In most countries, you will have to take your fingerprints at the local police or any fingerprinting agency and send the fingerprint card to the fingerprinting agency in Canada. The fingerprint card will then be imported into the fingerprinting agency's system and submitted to the RCMP. Afterward, the RCMP will mail the Canadian Police Clearance Certificate to you or any other designated third party within Canada. A fingerprinting agency may be able to mail the certificate to you for an additional fee (depending on the courier fee) if you want to receive it in your country of residence.

Depending on the fingerprinting agency you select and the type of fingerprinting service you need, the fees will vary. Frontier One Inc. charges the following fees for fingerprinting services in Canada (ON):

- Digital fingerprints to submit to the RCMP: $60 ***

- Livescan fingerprints on FD-258/C216-C card: $70

- Ink fingerprints: $75

- Fingerprint process from overseas: $120 ***

*** Additional RCMP processing fee of $25 may be applied for some reasons that people need the fingerprints for.

If you have any further questions, you can reach us directly at 905-247-3868 in Ontario or 403-731-3535 in Alberta. We will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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