How Companies Run Background Checks?

A background check is an assessment technique that employers or recruiters use to decide the legitimacy of the candidate's information that they provide in their application. During the process, any warnings associated with the candidate will be highlighted before they are further considered for a position.

Background checks are necessary to prevent fraudulent or reckless behavior in the workplace, as well as protecting the workplace from bad resumes. About 86% of employers conduct background checks on full-time employees and 67% on temporary or probationary workers, according to a 2019 study.

According to what information an organization wants to see from their potential employees, there are different types of background checks designed to check different information of the applicant:

Identification Verification: To confirm your identity by checking your IDs to make sure they are legally yours.

Credit check: By checking a candidate's credit, you can determine their financial responsibility. This information should be included in any job application that involves handling money, such as one in finance.

Criminal record: Candidates must be checked for criminal records to ensure they haven't engaged in criminal activities previously or have arrest warrants pending.

Drug testing: Employers may conduct drug tests as part of background checks to prevent employee turnover and low productivity.

Employment history: It is also possible to verify employment history through background checks. It is easy to verify a company's legitimacy and a candidate's qualifications on the internet by typing their name into a search engine.

Vulnerable Sector Check: To determine if a person is related to any sexual offences or any existence behavior which may result in harm to vulnerable persons. People who work with children, the elderly, and the disabled must undergo this check.

Security Clearance: Candidates must pass this check to work with the federal government, where they may need to access secure and confidential information.

● Etc.

Usually, all the name-based background checks will be requested from your company to be conducted at a local police station or a third-party identification services organization (including Vulnerable Sector Check) while the fingerprint-based check (Criminal Record Check and Security Clearance inclusive) will firstly be conducted by the RCMP with the need of the fingerprinting service at an accredited fingerprinting agency.

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