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How do I get a Canadian background check while in South Korea?

Are you a Canadian currently living in South Korea or an international visitor who has spent time in Canada? Do you need a Certified Criminal Record Check from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for purposes like Canadian citizenship, Canadian permanent residence, work permits, study permits, extending your visa in Korea, or any personal reason? Don't worry – we've got you covered! This blog will provide you with a simple guide on how to obtain your RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check (CCRC), even if you're not in Canada right now.

How do I get a Canadian background check while in South Korea?

Step 1: Contact Us

Getting an RCMP Criminal Record Check from Korea starts with reaching out to an authorized agency to get a paper copy of your fingerprints. We're proud to be one of the largest RCMP-accredited fingerprinting agencies in Canada, and we're here to assist you every step of the way. For detailed instructions, just drop us a line at Email:

In the next stage, you'll need to send us the necessary documents and fingerprinting card. Once we have them, we'll quickly convert your paper fingerprint form into a digital format and submit your application to the Canadian Criminal Real-Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) within one business day.

Make sure your paper fingerprints include these details (we'll provide you with a full list of requirements in our instructions):

  • Fingerprints from all ten fingers, taken in black ink

  • Name and address of the authorized agency that took your fingerprints

  • Signature and name of the official who conducted the fingerprinting

Getting Fingerprinted in South Korea

Getting your fingerprints for a Canadian criminal record check in South Korea is a simple process:

  1. Find Your Local District Police Station: Not all police stations can do fingerprinting. Go to a local district police station – they're equipped for this. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has a list of these stations in Seoul.

  2. Visit in Person: Once you know where the local district police station is, just go there in person.

  3. Locate the Foreign Affairs Department: Inside the police station, look for the "Foreign Affairs Department" (보안과 외사계). They'll take your fingerprints and make it official with a stamp. The process is quick, so you won't have to wait around.

Here's a list of local police stations for reference. For more details, including whether they offer fingerprinting services, it's best to contact them directly. [Click here for more details]

Contact Us for Help

Remember, the Canadian Embassy in Korea doesn't do criminal record checks or provide updates on your application. To get an RCMP criminal record check from outside Canada, reach out to an accredited company like Reliability Screening. We'll help you convert your paper fingerprints from Korea and send them electronically to CCRTIS.

To start the process, you can email us at Email: or call us at (905) 703-6810. We'll give you instructions and an application package.

Normally, it takes about 2-3 weeks from the day we submit your application to get results from the RCMP. You can choose to have the results mailed to your address in Canada or the US, or we can send them to your overseas address for an extra fee.

If you have questions or need help at any point in the process, feel free to reach us directly at (905) 703-6810. We're here to ensure you smoothly obtain your RCMP Criminal Record Check from Korea.

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