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How long are RCMP-certified police certificates (RCMP Background Check) valid for?

Since the information on RCMP-certified police certificates can change over time, they are only valid the day they are issued. A 'snapshot in time' is all they are. A police certificate's expiration date is not determined by the police, so it is up to the agency, employer, or country that requests it. Some may accept them that are 3 to 6 months old, while others may prefer a new one.

For example, Canada Immigration requires that the police certificate be issued no more than six months before the application is submitted.

At Frontier One Inc., the cost of obtaining an RCMP certification police certificate with our fingerprinting service is $60. Extra RCMP processing fees may apply depending on the reason for requesting the RCMP-certified police certificate. The RCMP processing fee for each criminal record check is CDN$ 25.

Applications without the RCMP processing fee:

· Canadian Citizenship

· Permanent Residence

· Federal Employment (Security Clearance)

· Canadian Police Force Employment

· Privacy Act Request

· Volunteer Work Employment

The following applications require the RCMP processing fees:

· International or Canadian Adoption

· Visa/ US waiver or border crossing document

· Private/Municipal/Provincial Employment

· Record Suspension (Pardon)

· Name change

At F1 Fingerprint, we do not keep your fingerprints on our system. Your fingerprints will be directly submitted right away after we capture them. After RCMP run your fingerprints on their system and issue the RCMP police certificate, they will also destroy your fingerprints. Thus, your fingerprints will not be kept at F1 Fingerprint and RCMP, and each time you need a new RCMP police certificate, you will need to submit your fingerprints.

However, the applicant’s information will remain on our system for six months. During that period, if the applicant lost their confirmation, we could provide them with application details for tracking purposes.

Online appointments can be made from our website at: or through our phone number at (905) 247-3868 in Ontario or (403) 731-3535 in Alberta. We can also be contacted by email at: for any questions or inquiries.

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