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How long does a fingerprinting card last? (FD258/ C216C)?

Fingerprints are the ridges and lines on your fingers that are combined to form a unique pattern. It is impossible to predict how long latent fingerprints will last scientifically.

Although your fingerprints may never expire, the validity period of a fingerprinting card or a fingerprint-based Police Clearance Certificate will depend on the requirements of the organization to which you're submitting them.

Your fingerprinting card will show the date the fingerprints were taken or the date the Police Clearance Certificate was issued. Based on those dates, the requesting organization will decide whether to accept your fingerprinting card or your Police Clearance Certificate.

For example, the IRCC accepts Police Clearance Certificates issued within 6 months (for Permanent Residency) and 1 year (for Citizenship), but the Korean Embassy only accepts those issued within 3 months and the US Consulate only accepts those issued within a year.

It is important to clarify with the organization or person requesting your fingerprints or Police Clearance Certificate how new they will be accepted.

If you have any further questions, you can reach us directly at 905-247-3868 in Ontario or 403-731-3535 in Alberta. We will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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