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What is Live Scan Fingerprinting?

The term Live Scan refers to both the new technology and the method used by fingerprinting agencies or law enforcement offices to capture fingerprints digitally using a fingerprint scanner and specialized software rather than the traditional method of rolling fingers with ink and paper. Besides being more accurate, Live Scan's fingerprints are also easier to process and replace in case there is a mistake when capturing the fingerprints.

There are two ways to use fingerprints captured using Live Scan:

- Submitting electronically to the RCMP for the criminal record check

- Print on the FD-258 fingerprint card for the FBI History Summary Check or on the C216-C fingerprint card for foreign criminal record checks.

Live Scan services are available at all fingerprinting agencies in Canada accredited by the RCMP for civil purposes.

Frontier One Inc. is proud to be one of the largest RCMP-accredited fingerprinting agencies in Canada and to offer Live Scan services. As long as the customer can show two valid government-issued IDs for their identity confirmation, anyone can request the Live Scan service for their civil needs.

Live Scan report includes information about the applicant, such as Name (Last, First, Middle), Date of Birth, Address, Phone Number, Response Address, Gender, Application Type (Reason), Application Number (DCN), Date of Fingerprinting, and the Live Scan agency.

Other than the Live Scan report, people using the Live Scan service will receive one of the following:

- RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check, if the fingerprints are submitted electronically to the RCMP. Applicants’ information is included in the report, along with the confirmation that they have any criminal records (with details), their fingerprints, and photo (except under the Privacy Act).

- FD-258 Fingerprint Card, which includes applicant information and fingerprints for US History Summary Check

- C-216C Fingerprint Card, which includes the applicant's information along with their fingerprints and photo for a criminal record check abroad.

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