What shows up on FBI fingerprint cards?

Nowadays, a police clearance certificate from the US is no longer unfamiliar to those who used to live or work in the US for more than 6 months, if they need to apply for immigration or employment purposes.

They might have heard about the FD-258 fingerprinting card for requesting a background check from the FBI. Below are the sample instructions on how to fill up the personal information properly before sending it to the FBI.

1. NAM - Name: Enter the name obtained from the subject in this field. Abbreviations are not to be used for any part of the name. This format is last name followed by a comma (,) first and middle name, if any. Suffixes denoting seniority (i.e. Jr., Sr., III, etc.) should follow the middle or first name. Do not obstruct this area by using stamps, labels, holes or staples where the name has been printed.

2. 2a and 2b: Signature and residence of Person Fingerprinted Block. Obtain the signature of the person being fingerprinted, in ink. Also, enter the residential address of the person being fingerprinted.

3. Aliases (AKA): Enter other names used by the subject that are different than the name entered in the “NAM” block #1. Also list the signature name as an AKA if different than the name that appears in the “NAM” block. Maiden names and all previous married names of females should be entered in the AKA field, if known.

4. Originating Agency Identifier (ORI): the ORI number will be printed by our Frontier One Inc. setting at each location that customer visited. In the case that customers need to fill up their own ORI number in the box as the requirement from their requesting agency, please inform the technician to get further advice.

5. Date of Birth (DOB): Enter the DOB in month, day, year format (i.e. MM/DD/YYYY).

6. Citizenship (CTZ): Enter “U.S.” if the subject is a citizen of the United States; otherwise, enter the appropriate country. Use the correct abbreviation for foreign countries or correctly spell the name of the country. “YES” or “NO” responses are not acceptable.

7. Sex (SEX): Sex must be indicated by using the Sex Code below.

8. Race (RAC): Race must be indicated by using the Race Code below.

9. Height (HGT): Height must be expressed in "feet" and "inches". Fractions of an inch should be rounded off to the nearest inch. Inches less than ten should be preceded by a zero. For example, five feet four inches should be submitted as “504” and six feet even would be “600”.

10. Weight (WGT): Weight must be expressed in pounds. Fractions of a pound should be rounded off to the nearest pound.

11. Eye (EYES) Color: Indicate eye color by entering one of the codes from the eye color chart below.