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Which Fingerprinting Service Is Right For You?

Using fingerprints is a best and most reliable method of identifying your criminal background history and checking your records. Without fingerprints, criminal record history can only be checked by using names and dates of birth. As a result of many last names being identical, spelling differences, nicknames being used, legal name changes, and the intentional change of names to avoid criminal records, name-based checks are limited in confirming a person's identity.

Types of Fingerprinting Services

Fingerprinting services are divided into two types: ink and roll and digital.

- Digital fingerprinting service:

We provide digital fingerprinting services to obtain a Certified Criminal Record Check from RCMP Canada (also known as a "Canadian Police Clearance", "Criminal Background Check") for employment, foreign travel, work permits, visa applications, volunteer work, real estate licenses, taxi licenses, and trucking licenses. You will receive a Certified Criminal Record Check document directly from the RCMP.

If you want to obtain an identity history summary check from the FBI USA (Identity History Summary Checks) or the police clearance from other countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Jamaica, Mexico, Philippines, Egypt, etc., we will capture and print your fingerprints on the standard C216C or FD-258 fingerprint card for you to submit to the foreign country.

Additionally, you might also need FD-258 if you want to obtain Horse Racing Licensing or apply for RN Exam in the United States.

- Ink and Roll Fingerprint Service:

Since many organizations or countries do not accept the RCMP-certified fingerprint card or require fingerprints to be taken on their own forms, Frontier One Inc also offers 'Ink and Roll Fingerprinting Service'.

‘Ink and Roll’ is the traditional way of capturing fingerprints by ink on the physical fingerprint card. Ink and Roll is a bit messier and will take longer to produce as each finger needs to be rolled manually through ink. As such, it is only used as specifically requested by the requesting authority or country where they do not accept electronically captured fingerprints.

Therefore, Ink and Roll should only be considered if digital/livescan fingerprinting is not an option by the requesting authority. Please double check with the requesting authority that they specifically need an ink & roll fingerprint card as most countries will accept the electronic version. In any circumstances, Frontier One’s technicians are highly experienced in both ink and roll and digital fingerprinting.

Which Fingerprinting Service Is Right for You?

It is important to do research upon your visit to figure out what type of fingerprints you need because different types of fingerprints may be required for the same reasons (e.g. Immigration to Canada, employment, visa, etc.).

Before scheduling an appointment, please call the embassy of the country for which you applied for police certification or your organization to confirm the type of fingerprints required. You can also reach us by phone at (905) 247-3868 in Ontario and 403-731-3535 in Alberta, and we'll be pleased to answer any questions you might have.

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