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Why an Employment Background Check is Important?

There are many organizations (federal, provincial, or private) that run background checks on potential employees before hiring them. Background checks are examinations of a person's personal, financial records, and criminal histories. Even though background checks can be costly and time-consuming, they are crucial. The following list of factors will help you understand why many companies want to investigate someone's past before hiring them:

Criminal Convictions:

It's essential to determine whether a candidate has a criminal record that could affect their behavior at work. Recruiting a candidate for a position working with children, for instance, would not be appropriate if the candidate had a history of violence. You would want to prevent theft accusations if you were hiring a property manager.

Know Whom You Are Hiring:

It is always important for applicants to demonstrate their strengths in order to be given the best chance of being hired. However, there are still other parts that you also want to know but may have never revealed. By performing a background check you will have a clear picture of whom they are hiring. A background check can help you cut through the interview process to understand who the person really is and if they would be a good addition to the company.

Protect Everyone in The Organization:

Conducting a background check before hiring someone can also ensure the security of everyone in the company. With a thorough understanding of the people you hire, you can better protect your business, employees, and customers. There are job seekers who pose a significant risk to an employer, ranging from violent criminals to sex offenders. A colleague employee might sue the company if they are harmed because the company hired a violent crime without conducting a background check. As a result of the background checks, the organization is further protected from danger.

Peace of Mind:

Hiring someone without knowing them well can be risky. It will be easier to reduce that danger if you understand their history. Checking potential employees' backgrounds and excluding those with a record that could impair their ability to execute the job can reduce their responsibility. Thus, you can enjoy a good night's sleep without worrying about employee theft or violence.

Therefore, it cannot be overstated how crucial it is to conduct a personal background check. It is essential that you conduct one before hiring any employee. The purpose of this process is not to discriminate against people with records by leaving them unemployed. It is up to the organization to consider and decide who may be a good fit for them after checking their potential candidate's background. It is still possible to hire people with records as long as they are not extremely dangerous and do not affect their performance at work. Furthermore, for those without a clean record, it is always suggested to apply for a Pardon application to have their records cleared and to be considered good people again.

Frontier One Inc., a fingerprinting agency accredited by the RCMP, provides reliable fingerprinting services for both employment and pardon purposes. For any civil purpose, our professionally trained technicians will provide you with advice and answer your questions regarding background checks.

If you have any further questions, please call us directly at 905-247-3868 (Ontario) or 403-731-3535 (Alberta). We are happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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