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Why Are Fingerprints Required for Canadian Citizenship Application?

Updated: Sep 11

Why Are Fingerprints Required for Canadian Citizenship Application?

Why Are Fingerprints Required for Canadian Citizenship Application?

For most people, fingerprints are not required to complete a Canadian Citizenship application. A request letter will be sent to you by the IRCC if fingerprints are needed to complete your application.

That letter should have information regarding why fingerprints are requested.

Your fingerprints are mostly required for a criminal record check, but there may be other reasons why IRCC requests them, such as:

1. The quality assurance process. As a result, the applicants are chosen randomly and may need to provide additional documentation as well.

2. A name and date of birth that is similar to those of another permanent resident/citizenship applicant (especially if that person's citizenship application was rejected). Fingerprints are used in these cases to differentiate you from people with similar names and birth dates.

3. A name and sometimes a date of birth similar to that of someone with a criminal record.

In all cases, your fingerprints will be sent to the RCMP. Your fingerprints will be run through a criminal database to see if they match anything.

Upon request, fingerprints must be submitted within 30 days, after which processing may take several weeks to a month. The processing time will be longer (up to 120 business days) if you have a criminal record.

Process of taking fingerprints for Citizenship application

When IRCC sends you a letter asking for fingerprints, it will tell you how much time you have to submit to them. In general, that time frame is 30 days.

When you’re with F1 FINGERPRINTING (FRONTIER ONE INC.), we will submit your fingerprints to the RCMP on your behalf. Your fingerprints will be received the same day you have them taken. The RCMP will be responsible for conducting the background check and issuing PCC (Police Check Certificates). Based on your request letter, the RCMP will send the PCC to you or any third party (IRCC office).

To avoid unforeseen delays, we always advise our clients to arrive well before the 30-day deadline. The sooner you submit your fingerprints, the quicker your application can be processed. Generally, the fingerprinting process will not takes more than 20 minutes.

After your fingerprints have been submitted, F1 FINGERPRINTING (FRONTIER ONE INC.) cannot tell you how long it will take for your Canadian citizenship application to be processed. In most cases, the fingerprinting process does not delay citizenship applications for very long. It totally depends on the IRCC process once they receive your PCC.

To get your fingerprints taken, you'll need two pieces of identification (such as your passport/PR card and driver's license) and the letter requesting fingerprints from the IRCC. Before you leave, we will also provide you with the instructions on how to contact the RCMP regarding your application's status.


We provide RCMP fingerprinting services for Express Entry applications, TR to PR applications, Citizenship applications, FD-258/C216C print cards for US Immigration, FBI, police certificates from different countries, and other employment purposes.

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