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Fingerprinting process


  1. Take fingerprints (within 15 minutes).

  2. Submit to the RCMP (right away).

  3. The RCMP conducts the Criminal Record Check

  4. The RCMP sends the result to an applicant or designated third party.

 ***Turn-around time (estimated): 

  • No record: 

+    Federal Job (Security Clearance/Reliability Check): 3 business days (Electronically) 

+    The rest: normally up to 3 weeks but it all depends on the RCMP processing and mailing time (Regular mail from Canada Post)

  •  With Record:

 +    Up to 4 months (depend on the severity of the record)

 ***For more information, please refer to the RCMP website at:


FBI/C-216C and Ink Fingerprints:

  1. Take fingerprints.

  2. Give hard copies of fingerprint cards to customers (right after taking their fingerprints).

  3. Customers are responsible for sending fingerprint cards to corresponding department of their country to obtain the check over there.

 ***Turn-around time: Customers need to check with the requesting organization that they send their fingerprint cards to.