Notice From RCMP

Procedures for Poor Fingerprint Quality (Dec 03, 2020)

If you received an ERRT POOR QUALITY response while submitting fingerprints electronically, please follow the established procedures for submitting ink and roll:

  • 2 copies of an ink and rolled set of prints on hard copy C-216;

  • At least one copy of the attempted Live Scan prints which were rejected by the system or which were rejected by your device OR a signed and dated statement from you stating that you attempted to complete a Live Scan submission, but your Live Scan device would not accept the submission (This is necessary as proof that the Live Scan attempt was made);

  • A copy of the Volunteer Letter if applicable. (This is necessary as proof to the Auditor General that this was a valid Volunteer and will be scanned into the system with the prints)
  • A Money Order or Certified Cheque payable to the Receiver General in the amount of $25.00 (if applicable) must accompany the prints or it will be returned unprocessed (Due to missing processing fee). For more information on which type of application are with or without fees, you can refer to this link :;

NOTE: If it’s from an RCMP Detachment, a signed and dated copy of the receipt showing proof of payment of the $25.00 must accompany the prints or it will be returned unprocessed due to missing proof of payment;

  • A copy of the completed, signed and dated Form 1 if the applicant wants a VS check also completed. (This is necessary as a substitute for the biometric consent print and will be scanned into the system with the client's hard copy C-216);

  • A signed and dated note clipped on top of the submission from you advising that you have tried a number of times to obtain Live Scan prints from this client, and that they were rejected by the system due to POOR QUALITY.

Finally, please submit all of the necessary items above by mail to the following address:

Identification Services, CCRTIS, RCMP


NPS Bldg – 2nd floor

1200 Vanier Parkway

Ottawa, ON

K1A 0R2